new artistic project at Riad Karim 



FINISSAGE of the exhibition „Moroccan Chameleon”

Saturday, 22 June, 6 pm


Attention! ¡Atención!, Внимание! Achtung! Uwaga! Attenzione!

For those who have not seen our exhibition yet and for those who loved it so much – tomorrow is the last chance.
Come at 6 pm to see our works, to spend time with us and maybe to purchase your favorite piece of art. To refresh your memory, we present our works below

You are very welcome!!!

For directions: look at Google Maps, our Facebook or here below: R’cif square – Riad Karim on photos:


Vernissage of the exhibition „Moroccan Chameleon”

16 June 2019 – photo reportage


Exhibition „Moroccan Chameleon” 16 – 22 June 2019

We have great pleasure to invite you for our first big event – exhibition of multidimensional and original paintings by Polish artist – Ewa Potocka. All works have been created in Morocco over the last few years. The artist’s inspiration is a Moroccan woman – a strong, though often invisible in patriarchal society and among the flashy patterns on the walls, floors and clothes. She is also ambiguous, colorful, undefined, quiet and laud at the same time… More info about Ewa Potocka

The exhibition of paintings will be accompanied by an exhibition of photographs by Polish architect Agata Luczaj, that are a digital variation of the same theme – ubiquitous patterns, flashy colors and … perfectly matched to them WOMAN – the citizen of Morocco, Africa, the World…


EXHIBITION DRESS CODE: colorful clothes, turbans, a lot of jewelry, strong make up etc.


The program of the open door activities week:

Below you can find the directions of the Riad Karim: