Henna workshop

During our workshop you will learn:

  • where did henna come from and what are its properties
  • what are the most popular traditional henna designs and what they mean
  • how to make the henna “sauce” – you’ll mix all ingredients for your henna tattoos
  • you will learn the technique of doing henna and try to make your own henna designs on the paper

Our henna artist will do on your hands beautiful henna patterns. And you can use it the following day for your unique photo – session


Weaving workshop

During our weaving workshop you will learn:

  • what are the types of weaving techniques in Morocco
  • what is the meaning of Berber symbols on moroccan rugs
  • what are the types of fibers and colors used in traditional carpets

Creative work: we’ll give you colorful yarn and a loom and you’ll try to make your own small carpet. For instance like one of these 😉


Islamic geometry workshop

During our workshop you will learn:

  • what are the main islamic geometry designs, where are they used and how to draw them
  • what are the main Berber motifs and where we can find them

Creative work: we will provide tools, boards and paints and you’ll make colorful pictograms for artistic installation in the riad

Witches’ workshop

During the workshop you will learn:

  • about spells, beliefs and magic rituals in Morocco
  • how spells work
  • how to protect yourself against the „evil eye”
  • how to attract inner peace, happiness and prosperity

Creative work: you will make a protective amulet for yourself or your home (wind chimes)